At Discount Landlord, We understand that being a landlord isn’t always plain sailing, that’s why we have a range of products to help you protect your investment and income.

Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Insurance

We offer a flexible range of Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurance products, giving landlords peace of mind that even if the tenant defaults, they will always have enough money to pay their bills. The policy also provides cover against unwanted legal fees and the cost of tenant disputes and eviction.

Policies include:

  • Legal advisors costs up to £25,000 per claim.
  • If the tenant(s) defaults, we pay monthly rent up to £3,000 for up to 6 months or £15,000 (whichever is the lesser amount)
  • Policy matched to your specific property and tenancy address
  • No excess option
  • Cover up to 5 tenants per policy

Cover is available from as little as

£62.00 for 6 months cover

£110.00 for the whole year

We also offer Legal Expenses Only cover from as little as £45.00 per annum.

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Please note, for the above policies tenants must be FULLY referenced either by Discount Landlord or a referencing company approved by Discount Landlord – these include DSS, students, self-employed lets. However, for full time employed working tenant(s) a 4 point check will suffice*. (Please note that the details have to be valid from the START of the Tenancy Agreement).

The 4 point check is:

  • Identification from the tenant, including a clear photograph;
  • Either a utility bill or bank statement;
  • Credit check - clear of CCJ’s, bankruptcies & indicating confirmation of residency;
  • Confirmation of employment – a written employers’ reference on company letter headed paper confirming the tenant’s permanent and current employment and that their salary is at least a multiple of 2.5 of the Tenant’s Rent (the documents should be no more than one month old from the start of the tenancy).

* Please note that if the 4 point check is applied & is in place, there will be no need to do a ‘Full Profile’ reference check – though in the event of a claim, the responsibility lies with the insured to produce the appropriate documents. A 4 point check is only applicable if the tenant(s) have not yet moved into the property before the first continuous policy is incepted.

About your policy

Please click here to read or download the Key Facts & Policy Wordings for the insurance products we offer.
Cancellation policy

We hope you are completely delighted with your policy; however if you decide you do wish to cancel it, please contact us immediately.You must do this in writing to either or The Business Exchange, 26/28 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 7BA.

You have 14 days from the inception date of your policy, or from the day when you first receive your documents to decide if this product meets your needs. If you choose to cancel this policy within this period, and no claims have been made, we will issue a refund, charging only for time on cover.

On certain policies, such as Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee Insurance, there is no refund payable after the 14 days and no cancellation fee will be charged. Where this is applicable it would be highlighted in your policy wording.

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