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Non standard properties

Properties of non-standard construction:

If you live in an unusual property or one made from non-standard materials or to a unique design you may be find it difficult to find the right cover at a good price, however Discount Landlord are here to help!

We can provide cover for the following at highly competitive rates:

  • Non-standard construction
  • Up to 100% flat roof
  • History of subsidence
  • Glass roofs
  • Wooden houses
  • Properties of any age
  • Listed buildings
  • Metal roofs
  • Cob-tiled roof
  • Wattle & daub construction
  • Stramit construction
  • Mundic problems
  • History of CCJs or bankruptcy
  • Some criminal convictions
  • Those living in areas of high crime
  • And more!

We can also cover those working or trading from home!

We cover equipment such as computers, printers, photocopiers,computer-aided design equipment and other office accessories used in connection with the following businesses:

  • Beauty treatments
  • Medical work
  • Bed & breakfasts
  • Childminding / fostering
  • Home tuition
  • Clerical work
  • Online auction trading
  • Guest houses
  • Pet sitting / walking services
  • Production / photography

About your policy

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Cancellation policy

We hope you are completely delighted with your policy; however if you decide you do wish to cancel it, please contact us immediately.You must do this in writing to either or The Business Exchange, 26/28 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 7BA.

If the policy is cancelled within 14 days of the start date, and no claim has been made, we will refund the policy without any charge. Cancellations made after 14 days of the start date will be subject to a cancellation fee of 15% of the total annual policy. If a claim has been submitted or there has been any incident likely to give rise to a claim during the policy period, no refund for the unexpired portion of the premium will be given.


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