Rental market remains strong in south London

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As the strong demand for rental properties continues in the UK, one expert has claimed that south London is an area for landlords to focus on.

Jon Neale, head of residential research at Jones Lang LaSalle, said that the area is getting the Crossrail service which he believes will “change the fortunes” of the region.

“I think having a very fast link from there to Canary Wharf to the City and beyond will make a bit of a difference. I think also having the link from Canary Wharf to Heathrow and the West End will make a difference,” he explained.

The expert added that more and more people are moving to London from abroad to live and work, meaning demand for rental properties is high.

“If they can’t get a mortgage they will rent – and that is why there is such a big increase in rent,” Mr Neale.

Recent analysis by Shelter found that the number of families renting from private landlords in London has increased by 70 per cent to almost one-in-four households in the past two years.

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4th April 2012