Airbnb back Sadiq Khan’s calls to implement 90-night let limit in London



Airbnb has backed a call from the Mayor of London for a registration system to support the current 90-night let limit in the capital.


The new system aims to ensure rules are applied equally to all hosts, regardless of the platform they promote their property through.


Airbnb is currently the only short-let platform that limits the number of nights homes can be let through its site to 90, although HomeAway and TripAdvisor have committed to introducing a cap in the future.


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In a letter to the government, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan set out proposals for the new registration system after concerns that the legal limit was being regularly broken in some boroughs.


The letter, sent to Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government James Brokenshire, was co-signed by Airbnb and several London borough councils.


Mr Khan acknowledge the benefit of short-term lets to visitors and Londoners who want to earn a little extra money, although currently, only 3% of landlords offer short-term lets despite the boom in the temporary accommodation market.


London is a top destination for guests from across the world, with two million guests staying at an Airbnb listing between July 2017 to July 2018, generating £1.3 billion for the economy.


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But there have been calls to put restrictions on the rental website over concerns short-term lets are having a negative impact on the number of residential rental properties in a neighbourhood.


Khan said: “Short-term lets are a benefit to visitors to London, and to Londoners themselves who want to earn a little extra money. But these benefits must be balanced with the need to protect long-term rented housing, and to make sure neighbours aren’t impacted by a high turnover of visitors. It is now time for the Government to work with us to develop a registration system of short-term lets, so local councils can make sure we get this balance right.”


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8th May 2019