Petition calling on Rightmove to ban landlord adverts barring benefit claimants hits 36k signatures


In what has been quite a week for online petitions, one calling for Rightmove to end ‘no tenants on benefits’ adverts has hit 36,000 signatures.


The petition was launched on the website 38 Degrees – the not-for-profit political-activism organisation – and is the latest move to outlaw the practice of ‘no DSS’ style adverts.


Earlier this month Zoopla announced they would be banning landlords and letting agents placing adverts on their website that barred benefit claimants from applying to let their properties from April.


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NatWest also announced it was reviewing its buy-to-let mortgage policy and would now allow landlords to let to tenants in receipt of benefits.


The statement urging people to sign the petition to Rightmove said: “Don’t allow landlords and letting agents who discriminate against people on housing benefit to advertise their properties on your website.”


David Innes of 38 Degrees said: “Housing in the UK is in crisis. The shortage of social housing and high house prices mean more and more people are forced to rent privately and rely on housing benefit to pay extortionate rents.”


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Around 889,000 households out of 4.5 million in private rental accommodation in the UK receive housing benefit to help pay their rent.


There were also calls for Rightmove, which saw its profits rise by 11.3% last year helped by increasing estate agent and housebuilder customer fees, to add basic wheelchair-access facts to property listings.


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1st April 2019