Landlords are becoming more pet friendly


An increasing number of landlords are now renting their properties to tenants with pets, according to a new survey.

It revealed that 68% of landlords would accept tenants with dogs and cats, especially if they can meet the pet first or see a ‘pet CV’ detailing history of the animal’s behaviour in other properties.


Dogs used to have a bad reputation, because of the threat of mess and unpleasant odours, but new findings reveal that dogs are the third most popular animal to be accepted by landlords.


A total of 84% of landlords would allow fish to be kept, 71% cats and 70% dogs. It also showed 53% are most worried about damage to property and 80%, would ask for an additional fee.


Jonathan Daines, chief executive of said: “We found that some landlords were certainly softening towards the idea of pets, purely because it opens a wider pool of possible tenants who are willing to pay extra for the privilege of having their animal with them, in the right home and with the access to outdoor space when needed.


“Our findings are encouraging for all those tenants with pets still looking for their perfect home and we hope the trend to offer more pet friendly rental accommodation will continue and that more landlords will come forward and open their doors.”


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5th May 2016