UK homeowners to insure their gardens

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According to Post Office home insurance: “UK homeowners spend more on home and garden items as summer approaches”.

Recent research shows that as the weather turns warmer, UK online spending on home and garden products in April increased by 11 per cent compared to March. Indeed the website is urging homeowners to insure the contents of their garden; in fact a survey carried out by the company revealed that Britons spend lots of money on items such as greenhouses and patio furniture sets etc…

According to the Horticultural Trades Association, the horticultural industry is flowering by 18% every year, and Britons spend more than £3 billion a year on plants, furniture and other items for their garden. Direct Line, the insurance company, estimates that British gardens contain a total of £12.2 billion of valuable items. That’s an average of just over £300 per home.

As stated in the research done by, around two-thirds of Britons own a BBQ, while 22 per cent have a vegetable patch and two per cent of respondents have a hot tub.

The dangers of vandalism, as well as destruction by extreme weather are frequent; as a matter of fact most commonly stolen items include lawnmowers, ornamental gnomes, tools, furniture, pond equipment, hanging baskets and even the plants themselves. Darren Black, head of home insurance at, said:”Many people believe these items are covered by their home policy, although this is not always the case. Gardens are more prone to theft and damage during the summer and its likely householders are undervaluing their garden contents in the same way they do their household.”

People are tempted to spend more time in their garden and money too with summer ongoing. Post Office Home Insurance is therefore reminding homeowners of the importance to check that any new acquisitions for their garden are covered by their home insurance policy, particularly if they are expensive ones.

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5th July 2010