Southend Council to charge rogue landlords

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Landlords in Southend will be made to pay £400 every time the council has to take action against them.

The Echo reported that the move will help the local authority to raise money in order to plug a £10 million gap in its 2014 budget, while also encouraging rogue property owners to adhere to rules and regulations.

Speaking to the source, Jacqui Lansley, head of community strategy and development for Southend Council, said that that it was preferable to work together with landlords and managing agents to ensure that any problems were resolved informally.

“However, in those cases where landlords refuse to comply, these charges should help deter them from not maintaining their properties,” she added.

It means that landlords of privately-rented properties will have to be more proactive when it comes to ensuring that the building is fit for purpose, taking on DIY work or calling in the professionals where necessary.

However, any gas-related issues should only be tackled by a Gas Safe-registered expert. Failure to do so could lead to the Health and Safety Executive taking further action.

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28th January 2013