Only 11 landlords reported in Scottish leasing crackdown

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A major scheme to tackle the problem of rogue landlords in Scotland has only seen 11 people reported over the past two years.

The Scottish Landlord Registration Scheme was set up in 2006 and since its inception has cost the taxpayer nearly £18 million but has so far yielded only a very small number of cases noted to the procurator fiscal.

On top of the 11 reported, there was just 40 individuals being rejected a registration compared against the 200,000 successful applicants that were put on to the system.

Alex Johnstone MSP, Scottish Conservative housing spokesman, said: “This scheme was set up to root out the kind rogue landlords that have no place in the industry, but so far it has cost over £400,000 for every landlord who has been refused registration.”

A number of councils across the UK have been keen to take action against rogue landlords with the likes Cambridge, Sheffield and Bolton all announcing new initiatives to stop the problem.

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7th February 2013