Manchester student accommodation proving attractive to landlords

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Student accommodation in Manchester and Salford is proving increasingly attractive to landlords operating in the area.

This is the opinion of Charlie Cunningham, chief executive at FreshStart Living, who said that people looking to lease property in the north-west city are being drawn towards the student population.

Mr Cunningham noted that £2 billion has been invested in accommodation for undergraduates across the UK over the third quarter of 2012 and it is proving increasingly attractive for landlords.

“Manchester and Salford are of particular interest to investors because they are popular student cities with an undersupply of student accommodation, meaning it’s easy to find a tenant and to see high returns,” Mr Cunningham added.

Manchester and Salford are highly popular areas for university education, being home to the likes of Manchester University, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Salford.

Due to the high number of students in the city accommodation is seen as a major commodity for landlords.

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12th November 2012