Make sure tenants are aware of holiday security

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With the school summer break now underway across the UK, property owners with landlord insurance will be noting that many tenants will be leaving their property to go on holiday.

If your tenants have not yet gone away, perhaps now is the time to speak with them to ensure that they leave the premises secure while they are gone.

Make sure that they know how to leave all windows and doors locked and secured while they are away.
Also make sure they remember to switch off and unplug all appliances which are not needed.

Checking taps are switched off and, if necessary, the water supply can also limit the chances of a nasty surprise.

By taking simple precautions, landlords can help both their tenants and themselves by ensuring that the property is not at risk during the tenants’ absence.

And this also limits the chances of either getting an unwanted shock on their return.

Of course, no matter how cautious and careful a tenant might be, things do go wrong on occasion.

And this is where landlords benefit from getting themselves fully covered by insurance.

Get a landlord insurance quote and find out the best deal for your needs.

29th July 2011