Liverpool landlords urged to have their properties in order

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Landlords operating in Liverpool are being urged to have the standard of their properties in order or face repercussions as part of a new initiative.

The city’s council is imposing a crackdown across the area to ensure that those leasing out premises are meeting a set of minimum standards or they face the prospect of losing their licence or incurring a significant fine, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Officials noted that the owners of 50,000 private rented flats and houses will be visited as part of the scheme which is due to go for formal consultation in January 2013.

It is designed to help drive up standard for tenants who may currently not have any idea of what state the house is in before they move in.

The scheme by the council is even more important in light of the fact that many landlords expect rent prices to rise in the next months, according to the latest Rightmove Consumer Confidence Survey.

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28th December 2012