Landlords urged to find solutions with struggling tenants

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In the current economic climate some landlords find themselves battling with tenants that are struggling to pay the rent, but one expert has claimed it is better to be sensible and find a solution.

David Lawrenson, private rented sector expert at, said that discussing the issue with the tenant should be the first step, as a lack of communication is often the start of problems.

“The worst thing is if you don’t receive the rent and then the tenant becomes non-contactable and then a solution cannot be found,” he noted.

The expert added that landlords are often better off ending a tenancy contract early, particularly if they are unable to pay due to employment circumstances.

Allowing a struggling tenant to leave the contract without paying the remaining months benefits both parties as the landlord can get another tenant, who will pay the rent and the person renting can move somewhere cheaper.

“It is about finding solutions like that with a flexible landlord,” he added.

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17th April 2012