Landlords to make their homes more energy efficient

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Making homes, cars and offices more energy efficient is likely to be the best solution to help reduce the effects of Global warming and pollution.

According to Energy Saving Trust “The Government has set out ambitions to tackle a third of the UK’s carbon emissions from housing by 2050. By 2015 no old home will lack the basic energy efficient measures. From 2016 all new homes will be built to a new zero carbon standard. By 2020 seven million homes will have been upgraded to significantly improve the energy performance. By 2050 the nation’s entire housing stock will be virtually zero carbon.”

Houses are a major target for helping to achieve this because many properties are energy inefficient and lose heat through poorly insulated windows. Indeed there are many works that can be done such as carpet fitting to keep floors warm during winter as well as properly insulated windows in order to save money and reduce carbon foot print emissions.

According to research by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), “British households are spending nearly £500 extra on energy costs per year because their windows are not energy efficient.”

“To put it into money terms, if you currently live in a single glazed house and install energy efficient windows, you could reduce your carbon emissions by almost a fifth and in doing so save as much as £470 per year on energy bills,” claims the organisation.

The main idea is that landlords could save money and at the same time “help the planet”.

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24th May 2010