Landlords should visit their properties more often

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Landlords across the UK are being encouraged to visit their properties more often to help avoid disputes in the future.

The Landlord Syndicate explained that as those leasing housing are seeking extra security through longer tenancies they should look to nip any grievances in the bud early by making sure everything is fine with the home on a regular basis.

Nick Lyons, managing director of inventory management company NoLettingGo, said: “If there is a problem, such as condensation build up, the landlord can advise the tenant on how to resolve and prevent the issue happening and carry out any necessary repairs. Landlords can’t be held liable for issues caused as a result of tenant misuse.”

Many landlords are looking to expand their portfolio, according to a survey by Mortgages for Business, in the coming months and ensuring that they keep regular checks puts them in better stead to attract new tenants and generate more revenues.

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29th January 2013