Landlords need to ready their properties for winter

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The UK was recently battered by torrential rain and widespread flooding, but as winter approaches landlords need to prepare their properties for the colder temperatures.

This is the opinion of Eddie Hooker, chief executive of Total Landlord Insurance who explains that both landlords and tenants alike need to be aware of the problems that the season can provide.

One of the most common complaints, and subsequent claims on insurance, is burst pipes and Mr Hooker notes that those leasing properties should make sure that the systems in their houses are well insulated to prevent any problems in the coming months.

“As we head towards Christmas, landlords should be mindful that tenants may well be away from the property for extended periods of time and without proper precautionary measures, properties can be at risk of water damage,” Mr Hooker added.

Temperatures are beginning to drop across the UK with parts of Scotland, the north-east of England and North Yorkshire all being covered in snow in the past week.

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7th December 2012