Blackpool landlords critical of selective licensing

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Landlords in Blackpool have criticised the introduction of selective licensing in the city which they believe is boosting the operations of rogue leasers.

Under the initiative councils can extend the licensing beyond large houses which have a significant number of occupants to cover all privately rented properties in a certain place, Stride reports.

This course of action has been criticised by landlords in the north-west area as they believe it is simply a money-making scheme for the local authority and anyone can buy into it.

The ruling has been made compulsory in Blackpool and landlords need to pay £1,000 to obtain the correct documents.

Simon Blackburn, leader of Blackpool Council, told the source: “I think selective licensing is one of the best things ever to have happened and look forward with enthusiasm to extending it much further in the coming months and years.”

The move comes at a time when the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) has announced that it intends to clamp on rogue letting agents that turning the sector into “the property industry’s Wild West”.

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3rd December 2012