Benefit tenants could be boosted in Kent

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Landlords in the Medway area of Kent are being encouraged by the local authority to take on more benefit tenants.

Medway Council wants private landlords to let more properties to people which are receiving benefits in a bid to reduce “negative attitudes” towards those that rely on these payments to afford their rent, the BBC reports.

The move has already been backed by the National Landlords Association (NLA) in Kent and stated that it would help to encourage long-term tenancies which would provide a boost for both parties.

Marion Money, spokeswoman for the Kent division of the NLA, told the news provider: “If Medway council can encourage them to understand that, it is going to create long-term tenancies which everybody wants.”

While Kent landlords are being encouraged to take on benefits those in London are being enticed back to the sector to assist with the ongoing housing crisis which is aimed at helping homeless people.

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11th February 2013