Energy efficient grants to benefit landlords and tenants

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A government scheme to improve energy efficiency in homes including buy-to-let properties will benefit landlords and tenants alike after landlord body NRLA successfully lobbied the government to include their recommendations.

Through the new Green Homes Grant scheme, the government will cover at least two-thirds of the cost of energy efficiency improvement works up to £5,000 per rental property.

The grant will allow landlords to improve the efficiency of their properties which in turn, it is hoped, tenants will benefit through lower utility bills.

The scheme will now include several recommendations from the NRLA after the association wrote to the government outlining ways it believed it should operate in order to best benefit landlords and tenants.

The government took onboard the association’s guidance, and now energy efficiency work must be carried out by TrustMark qualified engineers, in line with NRLA recommendations.

The government’s plans say that energy efficiency works should include some element of insulation or low carbon heat installation to qualify for the subsidy, which can then also be used to fund a range of other measures such as draught proofing, replacing windows or doors and installing heat controls.

The vouchers will be available from September, although there are no details yet on how landlords will apply for the funding.

NRLA policy director Chris Norris said: “Today’s announcement is good news for landlords and tenants, and demonstrates what can be achieved when the Government works constructively with landlords.

Energy efficient homes are clearly important to improving health, reducing household bills and meeting the Government’s ambitions around carbon reduction.

We welcome the clarity around what measures will be included as part of the Green Homes Grant scheme and encourage landlords to make use of this important initiative when it opens.”

The NRLA advises landlords to start the process now by getting an early assessment to identify areas where the property can be improved and seek out the options open to them.

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13th August 2020