Busy Christmas in Residential Letting Sector

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Research showed that more tenants are looking to move into new rental accommodation by the end of 2010.

The latest survey by the UK’s largest lettings-only portal revealed that 65% of tenants hope to find new private rental accommodation when the year ends; which is positive news for residential landlords and letting agents.

December and January are normally the quietest months within the buy-to-let sector. However, since many tenants expected the rental price to rise substantially in 2010, they are looking to get a good deal on the rent while they can. And hence, it is going to be a busy season for the industry.

Furthermore, as demand continues to grow the supply of letting properties is certain to decline in 2010. As a result, it is suggested that landlords look forward to expansion and growth in the buy-to-let sector.

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10th December 2009