Property damage by tenants leaves landlords out of pocket

Landlord Insurance


Over two thirds of landlords find themselves out of pocket as a result of property damage caused by vacating tenants, according to a new survey.


The biggest problem faced by landlords is stains on carpets with 76% of landlords saying they need to fix spoilt carpets during void periods, revealed the research by Fantastic Services.


Filthy ovens were also an issue for 67% of landlords, while redecorating to cover marked walls was a problem for 58% of landlords.


47% of landlords who have gardens in their BTL properties have to pay for these to be cleared when a tenant departs, while 22% had to replace damaged worktops.


More than one in three landlords claim that the damage to their rental property included scratched floors, torn carpets and marked woodwork, all of which appeared to have been caused by pets. 24% of landlords said that this happened despite pets not being permitted as stated on the tenancy agreement.


54% of landlords said that they had to repair broken facilities and utilities such as cockers, gas boilers and showers which the landlords had not been made aware of.


These damages could often lead to costing the value of one month’s rent.


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19th November 2015