Landlord bans vegans from renting room



A Manchester landlord has found himself in the middle of a discrimination row after he banned vegans from renting his spare room.


Posting as ‘Alex’, the live-in landlord ran an advert on SpareRoom looking for a tenant that specifically stated: “if you’re vegan, don’t bother”, before going on to describe himself as a “pretty nice guy” and “laidback”.


Alex did not give his reasons for not wanting those who followed a plant-based diet to rent the £700-a-month duplex apartment in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, but added he was not “your typical landlord that everyone hates”.


In response to his prejudice against non-meat and dairy eaters, the Vegan Society said it would have been discrimination if Alex had been renting out the whole house.


But as a live-in landlord, Alex was able to exploit a loophole that allows him to specify his preference for meat-eaters.


A spokesperson for The Vegan Society said: “It’s worth noting that if he was letting out a whole house, discrimination would not be appropriate but there is an exemption in certain situations such as if you’re a live-in landlord.

“It is a well-known fact that many vegans are good cooks who pay attention to what goes into their meals.

“Vegans are often happy to cook for their housemates too, which we think might make Alex reconsider his decision to ban them from his home.”


A spokesperson for SpareRoom, where the ad was originally posted, called Alex’s views “contradictory”, adding they “prefer it if people are a bit more positive in how they word things”.


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5th November 2018