Homeowners Move Due to Disputes with Neighbours

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Almost 100,000 homeowners decided to move due to disputes with their neighbours during the last 2 years.

Based on 680,000 homeowners who have moved since 2007, one-third of them moved to climb the property ladder; whilst one-fifth of them sell their house to move to bigger properties. Others chose to relocate due to the geographic location of new jobs or for better school catchment areas. Surprisingly, 95,200 homeowners decided to move as they could no longer live in the property due to their disputes with their neighbours.

Every homeowner is required by law to declare any disputes they have had with their neighbours when selling the property. Any disputes ranging from complaints about loud music to serious claims and arguments should be declared when moving. If any homeowners who fail to declare their disputes are found out by the buyer, the buyers may sue the seller for damages and a claim could result depending on what information has been suppressed.

Sellers should be aware that a Property Information Form is requested to be filled in whenever they are ready to list their properties, which is a separate form from Home Information Packs (HIPs). The Property Information Form questions sellers about the details of any disputes, status and relationships they have with their neighbours.

Home sellers or buyers should be reminded to get home insurance whenever they buy a property. For more information landlords insurance, please visit Discount Landlord Insurance.

4th December 2009