Home Insurance Advice on Severe Winter Weather

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Following the recent heavy snowfall, the United Kingdom is covered in inches of snow and surrounded by freezing cold air. It is important that homeowners take the advice of experts in order to protect their homes from extreme weather conditions.

Research has shown that nearly one in six home insurance claims were taken out for burst pipes due to severe weather conditions between 19th December 2009 to 4th January 2010. It has been suggested that more of such claims are expected throughout January.

Advice is given to tackle burst pipes and other damages caused by the cold weather: 1. to insulate the loft, water pipes and sides of water tanks to help to prevent burst pipes; 2. getting the appropriate home insurance that covers extreme weather conditions for your properties.

Statistically, the average cost to repair damage of burst pipes is around £2,000. Therefore it is worth being prepared to prevent frozen pipes in the cold weather; and to know what to do to tackle the damages caused by extreme weather conditions. Most importantly, having the appropriate home insurance to protect your property against cold weather is essential. Not only will your home insurance cover the damages caused by extreme weather, but it will also cover any loss or damage from burglaries, flooding and storm, etc.

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8th January 2010