Landlords should take care of their property no matter the market

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No one can dispute that 2011 has been a great year for landlords with building insurance.

They have seen the rents they receive increase almost no matter the location of the property they own.
Such is the state of the economy which is driving this demand that the numbers of people seeking property to rent are increasing despite the rents paid being at record levels.

In such circumstances it might be understandable for landlords to become complacent about the property they own.

After all, no matter its condition there is always likely to be another tenant not far away.

But this is a dangerous state of mind to have for both landlords and their tenants.

Properties which have not been looked after could pose hazards for those living there.

Meanwhile, from a landlords’ perspective a well-maintained property is cheaper to run in the long term.

Not only that but also a property that has been looked after by a landlord will generally always achieve a higher rent.

So there are many advantages all round to looking after your property.

And landlords can start by making sure their asset is protected by the right level of insurance for rented property for their needs.

3rd January 2012