‘Tenant from hell’ causes £7,000 worth of damages to family home


A Birmingham-based landlord has said his family home is now “unlivable” after his tenant caused £7,000 worth of damage to the property.

The tenant disappeared owing 11 months rent, leaving the property strewn with rubbish, with grease stains and mould covering the walls and holes in the floor, landlord Michael Walker claimed.


Mr Walker was shocked to discover the state of the property when he inspected it over the Easter bank holiday weekend, claiming there were flies everywhere and a “rancid smell” penetrated the property.


Mr Walker, who was left unable to work after suffering a stroke three years ago, told The Metro: “The tenant hop-scotched overnight and left the property in complete disrepair.


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“It has been left unlivable. It’s shocking.


“It is an absolute mess at the moment. It looks like he has been doing house clearances and it has all piled up.”


Mr Walker had issued the tenant with a repossession order for repeatedly failing to pay their rent, which had been ignored until the tenant suddenly upsticks last week owing nearly a year’s worth of rent.


The house was the family home until Mr Walker began renting it out so he could spend time with his 87-year-old dad who is ill.


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Mr Walker is now seeking the advice of an independent evaluator to assess the extent of damages, which he evaluates at £7,000.


But the cost to him goes beyond fixing the property, he also faces court fees in his bid to get the damages paid and the rent still outstanding to him.


He said: “I have got possession of the property back now but I can’t do much with it because it needs so much work doing to it. ‘I’ve got to try and pay for the work to be done. Then you’ve got the rent that is owing. Plus court fees that are on top of that.”


The case has been taken to court three times to date and proceedings are still ongoing.


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Image credits: Birmingham Live via Birmingham Mail

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29th April 2019