Make sure tenants protect your property over holiday weekend

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Landlords with buy to let insurance will be among many people looking forward to the forthcoming long weekend – the last bank holiday of the summer.

Tenants too will no doubt be seeking a good time also – with many looking either to hold parties or to take a short holiday.
For those landlords who have not yet done this, it may be an opportune moment to remind tenants to make sure they look after your property while they are enjoying themselves.

In the – perhaps unlikely – event that we will be blessed by sunshine all weekend, open windows and doors will provide a chance for opportunist thieves to take advantage.

Barbeques and parties, of course, create any number of possibilities for potential damage.

No landlord wants to dictate to tenants what they should or should not do under general circumstances but, equally, all will be anxious to make sure their property is respected and looked after.

So perhaps a diplomatic chat with certain tenants might be an approach worth taking.

Advising them about practicalities they perhaps may not have considered rather than laying down the law is more likely to achieve success.

In doing this landlords are likely to help both themselves and their tenants – and save everyone from trouble.

If, however, the worst should happen, landlords would be wise to make sure they have sufficient contents insurance for landlords in place.

27th August 2011