Where are the top places in the UK to invest in property?

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Are you looking to invest in property? There are many great opportunities at the moment for investing in property throughout the UK, so where should you be looking? Here are some of the top towns and cities that we recommend for property investment:


Located in South Wales, Swansea is still a cheap place to buy property in the UK. The city is in the running for the 2017 City of Culture status and it offers plenty of interesting attractions and a growing tourism industry. The average property in Swansea is currently just under £150,000 , so you will be able to get great value for your investment.


Liverpool is a lively city with a great music scene, plenty of art galleries and museums and lots to keep you busy. The average property price in Merseyside is around £144,000, making it an affordable place to invest. There is a lot of regeneration and growth going on in the city and is set to be the host city for the International Festival for Business 2014 – suggesting a very bright future for investment and industry.


There are a number of reasons why Southampton is a great option for Buy to Let property. First of all, there is a growing student population in the city which generates a need for housing. As well, the property prices are low, especially compared to other areas along the South Coast. Southampton also offers a modern shopping centre, a dock and shipping industry, two universities and much more.


The capital of Wales is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe at the moment, which means that property prices have great potential to rise. At the moment, there are nearly 100,000 students in the city, making a great opportunity for Buy to Let investors. Also, the financial and business sector is strong and Cardiff has been designated a centre of culture as well as the host of the World Music Expo in 2013.


Known as the UK’s “Second City”, Manchester boasts a buzzing nightlife, stunning architecture, excellent shopping and dining and plenty of new development and business. The University also attracts students from all over the world and the demand for housing is ever-increasing.

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