Top tips to selling your home this autumn!

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If you’re planning on putting your property on the market this month or want to refresh it ready for the autumn influx of buyers, we are here to share some simple tips to help you to make the most of one of the busiest times of the year for property sales.

Elbow grease

It’s the simplest tip, but a bit of elbow grease can make the world of difference and is the best place to start. A good tidy-up and clean will stand you in good stead for photographs and viewings.

Put the picnic blankets and sports equipment back where it lives – you can always get them back out again next year.



Gold & wood

Autumn is a great time to consider an interior design makeover. Gold and raw materials such as wood or stone are tipped to be autumn interior favourites this season.

According to interior designers we have consulted, warm autumnal colours such as terracotta and chocolates are perennially popular.

Accent colours on walls, cushions and picture frames will keep your property on trend without breaking the bank.



Early nights

Remember that the nights begin to draw in earlier now. If possible, try to arrange viewings with potential purchases during daylight hours. That way your viewers will see your property in all of its natural-lit glory.



Change the light bulbs

If arranging viewings during the day isn’t an option due to other commitments, change the light bulbs. New light bulbs will give out more light, helping your viewers to appreciate every corner of your property.

Natural daylight bulbs are good for rooms with big windows whilst softer, gold tones work well to evoke a cosy atmosphere.



The Garden

Make the most of the late-summer sun and create a haven that you can show-off to buyers.

Cut the grass and consider planting some late flowering plants, such as dahlias, begonias and cyclamen to add some colour.

Cover up the BBQ but make the most of the last rays by placing a bench or table and chair when the sun hits in the morning or late afternoon.



Fresh air

If you’ve been away over summer, remember to air your property. If it’s been locked up for a few weeks properties can sometimes take on a musty or damp odour.

Ventilate the property well before viewers come round. It’s also a great time to wash curtains and upholstery.



Avoid damp

As temperatures fall into autumn, we all tend to open our windows less, encouraging damp to accumulate in the walls and flooring.

A dehumidifier can help remove the damp air from the atmosphere. Ensure that radiators are bled before switching them back on to identify any leaks.

If the problems are serious, be sure to call in a professional to take a look.


Pop the radiators on

To make your home welcoming and inviting for viewers, try to take the chill off any rooms before they arrive.

Pop the radiators on a timer to heat the room up about half an hour before a viewing or get home a bit before the viewing to switch them on, get any fireplaces crackling away, and make your home as warm as toast to welcome viewers and help them to imagine that it was theirs!


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