The 10 least affordable places to buy in the UK revealed!

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With data provided by Centre for Cities, we take a look at the areas in the UK where the average house price is most out of reach for those on the area’s average salary.

1. Oxford (14.9 times average salary) 


The city’s affordability problem was not helped by the council’s failure to build any affordable homes in the last financial year. Local businesses have also complained that the cost of housing is the single greatest limit to growth of businesses in the city, with the average home now costing £340,864.


2. London (13.9 times average salary)


Although London has by far the highest housing costs of any UK city, higher wages in the capital puts it into second place for affordability. Still, with the average house now costing £514,000, only Londoners earning more than £100,000 can afford a typical mortgage.


3. Cambridge (12.7 times average salary)


Since 2007 house prices in Cambridge have risen faster than any other town or city in the UK, with the average house price now at £348,300. The huge demand for housing is held back by the need to conserve the historic city centre and the green belt that surrounds the city.


4. Brighton (10.9 times average salary)


The first of three seaside towns to make the top 10, Brighton is a unique city with a vibrant nightlife and good connections to London.  However, this means prices are expected to go only one way over the next few years – up.

Brighton could however address affordability issues by building new homes and there is capacity for 5,180 homes on brownfield land.


5. Bournemouth (10.6 times average salary)


The seaside town of Bournemouth is expected to see price rises of up to 32% over the next five years – even higher than those in London.


6. Crawley (10.1 times average salary)


Homes in Crawley now sell for an average of £234,577 and the area is just one of a number of towns in the south-east which have seen large house price increases recently.


7. Aldershot (9.5 times average salary)


The army town of Aldershot was tipped as first-time buyer hotspot by many a couple of years ago, but with a semi-detached house now selling for £236,598 many would-be buyers are now having to rule out the area.


8. Reading (9 times average salary)


Just half an hour from London by train, Reading has seen prices increase by 18% over the last 12 months.  House prices are expected to soar even further with the arrival of Crossrail in 2019 – which will allow residents even faster access straight into the city of London.


9. Bristol (8.7 times average salary)


Bristol has an innovative business culture, a growing tech sector and a thriving aviation industry, but suffers from unaffordable housing. House prices jumped by more than 10% last year and are predicted to increase at an even faster rate once train journeys to London are slashed to just 78 minutes in 2017.


10. Worthing (8.6 times average salary)

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The quieter town of Worthing is just 15 miles west of Brighton, and whilst looking to buy here will bring the price down somewhat compared to its bigger neighbour, the area is still out of reach for many, with average asking prices of around £270,000.


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