How will the general election affect landlords?

As the UK begins preparing for the upcoming general election, parties are beginning to piece together their manifestos, with all of them hoping to sway voters, one of the most important demographics is likely to be the private landlord. With an increasing number of people renting, landlords will have a keen eye on individual party … Continue reading “How will the general election affect landlords?”

Landlords – what secrets are your tenants keeping?

Making up excuses to avoid paying the rent, followed by keeping pets without permission, are the most common secrets that tenants in the UK don’t want revealed, according to a new survey. An online report by letting agent PropertyLetByUs revealed that some 63% said they had made up excuses to try and avoid paying their … Continue reading “Landlords – what secrets are your tenants keeping?”

What landlords need to know about rebuild costs

When taking out a landlord insurance policy, your insurer will need to know the rebuild value of the property to be insured. Put simply, the rebuild cost of your rental property is the amount it would cost to rebuild it from scratch were it destroyed completely. The figure should include the cost of materials and … Continue reading “What landlords need to know about rebuild costs”

What should you expect from the buy to let market in 2015?

Falling rent arrears and rising rent prices at the tail end of 2014 mean that landlords are heading into 2015 feeling largely optimistic, but what should they expect from the market in the year ahead?   Investment Many experts predict that the changes in pension regulation could lead to a buy to let boom, with … Continue reading “What should you expect from the buy to let market in 2015?”

Which improvements add the most value to your property?

Landlords often make improvements to their properties in order to maximise their rental value but if done right, they can also give its capital value a healthy boost. Research from an online loan provider has shown that average improvements can add up to 10% to the value of a house which is definitely not to … Continue reading “Which improvements add the most value to your property?”

8 ways to winter-proof your property

1. Clear the gutters and drains You should regularly clear out the drains and guttering throughout the year, but it is especially important in the winter when they tend to clog up with leaves, plants and other debris. It is a good idea to check that the junctions of the gutters are watertight too.