Landlords – what secrets are your tenants keeping?

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Making up excuses to avoid paying the rent, followed by keeping pets without permission, are the most common secrets that tenants in the UK don’t want revealed, according to a new survey.

An online report by letting agent PropertyLetByUs revealed that some 63% said they had made up excuses to try and avoid paying their rent and 45% are keeping pets without letting their landlord know.

When it comes to looking after the property, 45% of tenants also admitted to having damaged walls by knocking nails into them, and nearly a quarter confessed that they have rarely, or never cleaned their oven.

18% haven’t mowed the lawn regularly, 11% have dumped rubbish outside the property, and 4% admit to burning holes in the carpets and concealing them with mats or rugs.

6% also conceded that they have sublet a room without their landlord’s permission.

“Our research shows that large numbers of tenants have made excuses to avoid paying the rent, which is worrying. The latest industry figures show that tent arrears are on the rise again, up by 7.2% in 2014, an increase of 4,600 tenancies compared to the same quarter in 2013,” said Jane Morris, managing director of PropertyLetByUs.

We recommend that landlords make regular checks on their property during the tenancy, so they can spot any breaches of the rental agreement. They should also look for signs of damage and poor maintenance of the property.

Another way that landlords can protect themselves against bad tenants and being left potentially out of pocket is to make sure their tenants are fully referenced and to also consider Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Insurance.

“Finding out about the background of your tenants is important. Picking the right people can save you the hassle of a long and costly eviction in the future. Rent and Legal Protection also provides a safety buffer should your tenants stop paying the rent,” says Steve Verrall of Discount Landlord.

Landlords – what are the biggest surprises you have encountered in one of your properties? Let us know below!

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