How to Get Your Property Ready for Summer

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Now that the spring is in the air, it is time for landlords to start thinking about preparing their properties for the summer season. Having an attractive garden and exterior to your property will help you when renting out the home, as it will make it more attractive to potential tenants.

Curb appeal can make a big difference when it comes to a first impression on your property, so make sure that you take the time to create a beautiful garden. There are many ways that you can make the exterior of your property more attractive, so here are some tips:

Plant Your Summer Flowers

It is important to think ahead when you are gardening, so plant your bulbs in the spring so that they will flower during the summer months. Once the soil has dried out and warmed up to at least 15 degrees Celsius, you can start to plant bulbs such as dahlias and lilies. Make sure to also add manure or compost to the soil, so that you can help nourish your bulbs. You can even plant them in a pot about a month or two before hand to let them grow indoors first.

Neaten Up Your Flower Beds

Take the time to clean up the edges between the flower gardens and the lawn, so that your garden looks neat and tidy. Otherwise, your flower beds will start to look messy and unkempt. Try using a half-mooned spade or an edger tool, so that you can add shallow channels around the edges. If you need help keeping a straight line, you can attach two pegs in the ground and tie a piece of string between them as a guide.

Get Rid of Weeds

When weeds start to invade your garden, what can you do to get rid of them? Many people simply use a small trowel to dig them up, but this won’t deal with the large weeds with deep roots. In many cases, it is better to have a hoe with which you can fully dig up the weeds. You could consider using weed killer, but this can affect the growth of your plants so it should only be used if you really can’t use any other method.

Consider Using a Water Butt

In order to keep your garden maintained throughout the summer, it can really help to install a water butt. It can be attached to your house or your garage – or anywhere that has a gutter with a downpipe. A water butt will allow you to store rainwater, so that you can keep your plants watered while saving money on water bills and avoiding hosepipe bans.
What kind of shape is your garden in? Perhaps it’s time to start giving it a spring makeover so that you will be ready for your summer tenants. These are just a few of the ways that landlords can get their properties ready for the summer months. 
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