Do You Need Non-Standard Property Insurance?

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Do you live in an unusual property, such as a treehouse (or mansion!) a converted barn or a home with a thatched roof? If so, you will not be eligible for the typical kind of home insurance and you will need to consider other alternatives.
If you live in a non-traditional property you might find it very difficult to get house insurance at a reasonable price. It can be even worse if you have already been turned down for insurance by a company or you have made claims already in the past. Non-standard property insurance is designed for homes that are made with non-standard materials or have a unique design.

What is Non-Standard Construction?

The definition of non-standard construction is anything that differs from the standard type of construction. However determining what makes a house ‘non-standard’ can be a little bit confusing and complicated.
Often eco buildings are considered non-standard these include such as buildings that are made with grass, vegetation, trees and bushes. Any mud, thatch and adobe buildings can also be considered non-standard as well, as well as buildings that are made with wattle and daub construction. Properties that are used by home workers or child minders can also be considered non-standard properties.
Concrete and prefabricated homes are also considered non-standard and there are many of these homes in the UK to say the least – an estimated 1.5 million were built during and post wartime as affordable housing. Concrete doesn’t last as long as stone or brick, so these properties are known to suffer from crumbling and corrosion.
Timber framed homes are also considered non-standard in the UK. In the rest of the developed world 70% of people live in timber frame properties. However in the UK these types of houses only represent 8% of properties. A timber frame property has a number of different insurance needs than a stone and brick home because it can be prone to wet and dry rots as well as damage by vermin like termites.

What Does Non-Standard Home Insurance Cover?

A non-standard home insurance policy will cover a number of potential risks to your property, including theft, damage, flood and fire. Hopefully you will not need to ever make a claim on your insurance policy, but if something happens then you will be glad that you were protected!
A good insurance policy should include cover for accidental damage to sanitary fixtures, fixed glass and electrical equipment. It should also cover repair of leaks and cover for the contents belonging to you and or your tenants.
Choosing non-standard home insurance from a business that understands the specific problem associated with your type of construction is important. A specialist company will understand the problems that your property might suffer and will be able to give you cover that is better suited to your needs.
If you have a non-standard home, make sure that you choose the right insurance for your needs and that you do your research first, so that the policy you choose is a good match for the unique characteristics of your home. 
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