Top tips to maintaining a good relationship with your tenant!

Maintaining a good relationship with your tenant is key to successfully letting out your property. A happy tenant is more likely to become a long-term tenant who looks after your property or a tenant who refers other tenants to you. Therefore it is a smart business move to ensure you have a good relationship with your tenant. Here are some tips you can take to make it happen: Go through the conditions of the contract making it clear what the …

What to do if you are unhappy with your letting agent?

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There are many reasons why you might be unhappy with your letting agent, these might arise from the type of tenant your letting agent found you or not managing the property in the way promised. As most letting agents charge a fee for managing the property, this can of course lead to you feeling angry and upset. However, remember to take a step back and deal with the situation in the right way. Here are some steps you can take …


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What is the most expensive city to rent a home?


Looking for a place to live in a metropolis can be a very difficult and expensive task. Most of us have to tackle this task in order to be closer to better job markets and better opportunities. The western world is well known for luxurious and expensive rents, but surprisingly the most expensive city is located in China, Asia. Beijing holds the record for the world’s most expensive city, where the rent costs eats up roughly 123% of the average …

Good news for property buyers as Government may ban ‘gazumping’ 

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The practice of ‘gazumping’ could be banned by the government after discussions were held on whether to bring forward the point at which house sales become legal, in line with Scotland. The move could prevent many property sales falling through, with 18% or around 200,000 transactions collapsing on average each year. A major reason for this is buyers outbidding others who have already had an offer accepted, known as gazumping.

National Park properties still command a price premium

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Many home owners in the UK are still searching for a property in an idyllic green setting, according to new research. The average sale price for a detached house within a National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) is £450,000, analysis from Savills has revealed. On the other hand, the value of a property in the same county but not in the park or AONB is an average of £347,000.

Five pitfalls to avoid as a buy to let landlord

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With property prices rising and more and more people renting than in previous generations, buy to let can seem like an easy way to make money! However, it is not as simple as that, and there is a great deal to think about when letting a property. Here are the five pitfalls to avoid: 1. Being unaware of tax If your total income for the tax year as a landlord is above the personal allowance threshold of £10,600, you will …

Top tips for a smooth tenant check out!

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A tenant check out should always be carried out professionally, regardless of your relationship with the tenant. This is the best time to evaluate the state of the property and to work out how much of the deposit should be kept in order to account for any damages and the subsequent repairs. Here are our top tips on making a tenant check out as smooth as possible: Start early Get in touch with the tenant a few weeks before their …